Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's the Little things

I chanced upon this sketch..and loved it so much I kept a copy.. If you could see my rubber stamp collection you'd notice a whole shelf of "faces".

A small stash of fabric for a quilting project. I love black & white with a POP of red or any bright color.

This was set up for Halloween, but I kept the 3 singing cats out and smile as I pass by them each day.

And as soon as I can find time with some inspiration, I hope to get back into designing something with PSE. The old body is acting up and the doctors have me run ragged with tests to see if any surgery will help. If not, I don't know what they will come up with to give me some relief from this GERD... But they know my innerds better than they know MY FACE.
And I've learned that I've had a GRAND LIFE if this body is any indication.. I've worn it out pretty fast... GRANNY

Thursday, January 20, 2011

12 layered page

My DD#1 in uniform- a fourth generation of Nursing .
would you believe this one page has 12 + photo layers.. just look at the following layers going from 12 to 1 and know that this can be done in paper as well as digital. I worked this one in digital.. with credits to RaSPBERRY Road for the frame with a cluster as my inspiration for coloring ..Isn't that ROSE great!

I color and shade all the papers myself and found other elements thru Digi Free search engine.. so head over and see what you can download for FREE.

layer 12- Title and journaling comes last for me.

layer 11 . A round frame with clusters at the bottom from Raspberry Road.. is the inspiration for my choice of background colors..

layer 10--here is where you would add your photo on the dark matt area.

layer 9- a hint of word art and line of buttons with string gives more depth

layer 8 --there is a subtle color change here.. I wanted to dampen down the bright look, so added the layer 1 and clicked on soft light & reduced opacity to 75%.

layer 7 - use left over scraps of paper of contrasting color..and neutrals to give depth.. (DIGI-add drop shadows and outlines for addition interest)

layer6 - one straight, one slate a bit..with ink or outline of white..

layer 5 - If one strip is good, add another.

layer 4- contrast color with a velum piece/scrap

layer 3- U used my brushes (digi) for a splatter look .. in whites and darks. MOST of this will be covered so play around and have fun with this layer.

layer 2 - 2 paper layer with approx 1/2 inch trimmed off the top one.

layer 1 - I checked the shadow on the Frame cluster to get this dark, neutral color as my base.. Just a starting point to keep the continuity of the final layer.. * USE A NEUTRAL*

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year- BACK 2 Basics

I am so slow about where to go with this spot.. and have been surfing to get some kind of inspiration. Since this is my Hobby/Crafty show off spot, it takes a bit of planning and organizing. AND then, My apologies to all since a health related incident got in there somehow.. The doctors are still trying to decide what to do with me.. LOL.

I have finally gotten the Bug to create and teach as I go. This years thoughts/ themes will be to show you step by step Layering! It's a scrapbooking trick I found the hardest to learn and keep in mind as I started this journey ten years ago.

When I first started scrapbooking it was step 1. paper, step 2. photo/photos, Then step 3. embellishments.WITH Journaling!! a must on every page.

Over the years the artistic personalities have taken off with many more ideas and added steps to this concept.

I've gone thru the rule-of-3's, the balanced composition, Journaling prompts, sparkle/bling,

clustering and all the other wonderful Eye Candy trends...and so what is left? Back to BASICS, my friends..... SCRAPbooking. That layering process which now numbers into the 8 to 12 layers BEFORE adding a photo, then more layers (embellishments) on top of them ( or after them). We don't want to cover our photos...
And don't be afraid to use more of EVERyThing... use up the SCRAPS.. Don't waste anything.
That includes items from our sewing baskets, kitchen, wrapping papers, etc, etc.. old clothing/scraps of material, trinkets, lace, beads and from your pile of ?? items.
This goes for Digi scrappers --if you can scan it or take a photo of it: then you can use it..

The Aussie gals have a ScrapLift challenge going on and while analyzing their layouts I got this idea of showing you the Layering that goes on from these talented ladies .. this technique works for cards, wall hangings, gifting and album pages... sewing projects, and most crafts--so with that, I'll get busy creating and sharing with you each week one special layering project..
I work in digital and paper so will explain each project as I go along. Stop by after the week end and grab your first lesson/hints on layering..
Or if you'd rather show me yours, just link up with me in the comments section and I'll feature your page or project.. Til MONDay Jan 10th, keep surfing and scrappin'

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trees, Pictures....HO,HO,HO

DD#2 doing her yearly Christmas duty.. Lights on the tree/s. (she hates it when I snap shots of her..but these are the precious moments that don't happen everyday)
We are ready for the Holiday.. And Christmas Eve we will be opening our presents.. This is an all adult household with fur babies x 5.( 2 dogs and 3 cats.) Hanging the stockings is alot of fun since we have to do it everyday.. there is a culprit who UNhangs them and plays with them thru the night. I find one particular sock in the kitchen , on the stairs or across the room every day. I think it is Smucge- She just can't leave it hang.... "Its furry and dark, so maybe she thinks it's her baby".
We are scheduled to have more snow..after 5 / 6 inches last week. It did do the icy rain on top of it all this past monday. The roads are all cleaned off so I reckon we can take more snow. I like the nice gentle snow on Christmas Eve.. then it can all go away. I'm ready for the sunshine and Spring Storms.
Will leave ya with wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm not creating much these days with a health problem.. Just did a proceedure yesterday to place a monitor in the GI tract. It's all about the Gerd problem and finding out why I have so much pain all the time.
Hoping it all clears up soon...this is no fun!! GRANNY JUDY

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This week's photo

I generally don't like pictures of myself. But we are all very critical and don't like our own mugs. But like my Mother told me.. (she never let us take pictures of her) She regreted not having photos of herself thru the years. And said that it was selfish on her part.. even her worst pictures were treasured by others. And I had a darn hard time snapping her when she wasn't looking.
So for better or worse, I try to get a "mug" shot of me as I travel thru life. This is one of me and DD#2.. this past Thanksgiving Feast Day with her In Laws. A great family!!
I look at this and really see the years I've lived. The wrinkles don't hurt unless I look in a mirror. I don't "feel" any different than I did when I was in my 30's...but I am a whole lot wizer!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the attic

Well we got down all the Halloween decor, boxed & packed them away in the attic, but while in there--- DD#2 decided to get out all the Christmas decorations & tree. I mean why 2 trips?? She likes to economize her energies and volunteered John's knees and back. So here is the "stash" waiting for ME to drag out and decorate the 'halls'. AND I haven't had my turkey & dressing yet!!

I did make 2 Door hanger's for the Christmas Season.. that is one in the above photo..and the other is hanging on our door, already!!

I went with the Jingle bell theme this year.. and made a dash to Hobby Lobby while their "greenery" was at 1/2 off prices. even the ribbons and many other Holiday goodies were on sale with 1/2 off prices all over the place.

with the aid of florist wire and wire cutters, I wrapped the goodies together and got this baby finished in minutes..I've had those snowmen bells since last year, but didn't get to use them since I was in Tx. for the Winter. ( I missed my crafts) So I started getting lots of goodies put together for the coming holiday.

We are headed out to dinner for Thanksgiving this year, so No Home Cooking,,,,,and NO MESSES to clean up afterwards. And hoping I will feel more like Christmas Decorating after I have a full tummy of Turkey.

Got your plans made for the Holidays?? Granny

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hummie Did IT...

I have PSE8 and I think Hummie works with PSE9.. not sure, but I've finally got Stripes!! I love 'em, but couldn't figure out on my own how to get straight lines.. So simple once you see how the Pros Do It. THANK YOU Hummie!!

Over at Hummies Blog she is doing a 30 day of Gratitude teaching and give away of her patterns.. now gals this is alot of work making up those patterns, sorting to give you progressive downloads and getting it all posted for you to grab _ All for FREE Then to download all her patterns to Flickr for permanent access!! I don't know where that gal gets all her energy!! (and she even used a joke I shared with ya last year that I found in my grandmother's recipe book!!)

Go HERE to see the video and learn the use of your Pattern tool and all you can do. I know it works in PSE8.. here's my first try. Will plug in the laptop later and do a trial in PSE6 just to see if I need an upgrade there.

I turned my first page (first try) 90 degrees because I like my strips tall and thin.
I love to make my own papers, so this is gonna expand my file for patterned pages.

Sorry about the interuption..we had to go vote!! And it is so painless! Well, the wind was a blowing and the temp was 40F. brrrr. but worth it. That is why I got out my hat, gloves and big thick coat, yesterday!! I knew it would come in handy soon..just not so soon.

Do You watch the signs of Mama Nature?? Well, I am from the generation who remembers her parents & grand parents talking about the butterflys, the willie worms, the corn silk, the crickets and the moon. "also, grannys predictions of a storm= "corns" hurting." And you know they are right on!!! I don't need TV to know that Storms of the equinox coupled with these predictions are just as accurate as our local meteorologist. It will be a cold, dry winter here in my area...according to the "signs" I observed.. Top that Mr. Meteorgist.!!